Hi I'm Sonja

I have always had an interest in food and cooking. In my childhood I was fascinated with different traditions in food and the evolvement of nutrition in different climates and cultures. I was interested in how certain plants were introduced to nutritionally benefit various dishes, whether meat, fish or plant-based. Growing up in a mixed European background brought the delights of culturally different meals and I was lucky to benefit from watching my father prepare sarma, chicken soup and sauerkraut amongst other foods.

“Let me, help YOU, improve your health”

My Services

I believe that the key to a long and happy life is to find the right balance between living this fast-paced life and having respect for ourselves and our bodies. To help achieve that balance I combine my Knowledge of Science with the gifts from Mother Nature by providing natural solutions to common problems.

My treatments and remedies offer a gentle alternative in healthcare. I recognise everyone as an individual and conduct assessments to ensure that the most appropriate type of treatment is prescribed. As a client, I ensure you will feel comfortable, secure and involved throughout every stage of your treatment process.