I was trained by Dr Lawrence Plaskett and graduated in 1994. This unique training brought together traditional naturopathic philosophy, biochemistry, nutritional medicine, and dietary therapy.
A naturopathic healing approach recognises people as individuals and supports the body’s natural healing abilities. Prevention of disease is key and because the body always seeks ‘homeostasis’ to retain a balance and keep everything running smoothly, it can respond to even simple changes. Our bodies are electro-magnetic and respond to the frequencies of food and water, and the environment energetically.
Naturopathy is a philosophy with a long traditional history based in natural therapeutics that have been used for centuries in many cultures. It encompasses prevention of ill health and involves healing the body by stimulating the various systems and organs to rebalance and invigorate the body’s own healing abilities.
The human race is inextricably linked with mother earth; with our earthly environment, the rivers, the seas, our local flora and fauna and the air we breathe, and with our wider solar system. As we live with nature in all our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intuitive ways, what better way to heal than through the revitalising power of nature provided in abundance from mother earth? Our bodies have a vital force and to live in harmony with our planet, retain our health and prevent illness, we may need to detoxify or to nurture at various times of the year to re-align physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Nature has the innate ability to heal. A naturopath assesses the overall health of the client and identifies the main issues to address, helps the client to understand how they can nourish themselves, and help prevent disease.
In naturopathy we have six rules. These are the therapeutic order: • First do no harm
• Use the healing power of nature
• Treat the whole person
• Identify and treat the cause
• Doctor as teacher by explaining suitable therapeutics for the client to understand and follow
• Prevention and wellness
My naturopathic approach underpins my view of the client’s dis-ease and health imbalance in a wholistic way, taking into consideration individual constitution, dispositions, miasms, epigenetics, the depth of toxicity and the ability to detoxify, the pH balance in the cells and tissues, mineral and other nutrient imbalances, the gut terrain and structural problems, as well as how stress, mental, emotional and spiritual factors also affect health.
I continue to keep updated with relevant research by attending seminars, talks, lectures, webinars and reading for continuing professional development. I am a full member of the Society of Naturopaths (SoN) and the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA) as well as an associate naturopath with The General Naturopathic Council (GNC).