Hi I’m Sonja

I have always had an interest in diet. In my childhood I was fascinated with different traditions in food and the evolvement of nutrition in different climates and cultures. I was interested in how certain plants were introduced to nutritionally benefit various dishes, whether meat, fish or plant-based. Growing up in a mixed European background brought the delights of culturally different foods.
In the 1980’s I undertook cookery classes in traditional Japanese cooking and macrobiotics food preparation. I have also travelled extensively and experienced varied diets and cooking styles. In the past I have worked both in cooking and gardening at a Rudolf Steiner organic, biodynamic centre.
From becoming ill with multiple allergies, infections, chronic fatigue, and deficiencies I undertook several naturopathic cleansing programmes to help restore my health before embarking on training in naturopathy, nutritional medicine and dietary therapy. Initially practising in London, I later moved to West Yorkshire and began practising there in 2001. I graduated in iridology in 2000 and I fully embraced this science to support my understanding of the health picture of each individual.

I have continued to expand my knowledge by studying various therapies including homotoxicology, bio-puncture or mesotherapy, additional naturopathic techniques, various therapies including super coherent Bach flower remedies and bowel nosodes; muscle response testing, electro-crystal and other energy therapies. I have always kept abreast of new information by attending lectures and seminars in London and abroad, and more commonly recently, online webinars.
I love my work and helping support people on their journey to health. I envisage more people turning to natural health in the future as humanity recognises the importance of the vital force and fully embraces the depth of beauty and intelligence of Gaia, our planet Earth.