As part of my services, I offer nutrigenomics (professional genotype analysis) testing via LifecodeGX, a trusted company in the UK with whom I’ve completed masterclass training.
Nutrigenomics testing with LifecodeGX lead the way in testing and education and are my preference for accuracy of results.
Nutrigenomics is the science and language of genetic testing which enables me to look in detail at your DNA and how it affects your health. In line with my naturopathic support of the individual client this helps me to assess how your genetic coding impacts your body and how it functions.

As individuals we all have variations in our common genetic code called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) which create our own unique genetic identity or blueprint. This reflects our nutrient needs and how chemicals such as caffeine, alcohol or how mould or paracetamol impact us. It highlights how efficiently we detoxify, from food source toxins to environmental toxins.

We can also assess how our neurotransmitters impact our mental and emotional wellbeing including stress and behaviour,
as well as look at hormonal health including sex hormones, fertility and reproduction.

Although we cannot change our genes we can support them with appropriate foods, drinks, nutrients and lifestyle adjustments. If, for example, you have a deficiency in folate, Vitamin B12 or Vitamin D, these factors may hinder functions in the cell thereby impacting responses in the nervous system, the hormones, histamine levels or the ability to detoxify. Therefore, suitable nutrients and dietary measures would be recommended. I would recommend the appropriate tests following a full consultation.

Please note the information provided in Lifecode Gx® reports should not be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes and are
not a substitute for personal medical advice.