I studied homotoxicology in London with the late Professor Kirkman, graduating in 2007 with honours. I have since undertaken further studies in Milan and continue to increase my knowledge by attending regular lectures and keeping abreast of the latest scientific research.
Homotoxicology is the study of the effect of toxins upon the human body. The associated treatment may be referred to as homeotherapeutics, complex homeopathy, or bio-regulatory medicine. Considered paramount in addressing each individual’s therapy requirements and in line with naturopathic values these therapeutics involve detoxification and drainage which supports the gentle removal of toxic matter from the body. It is also active in immune modulation, cellular activation and organ strengthening. The PNEI (psycho-neuro-endocrine immune system) is one of the considerations in homotoxicology and this is addressed in individual prescriptions and protocols.
Developed and introduced by the German doctor, Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in the 1950s it is a very gentle form of medicine which is safe, effective, and can be used alongside conventional medicine with few contra-indications. Not wishing to use toxic medicines with possible side effects, Dr Reckeweg managed to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and complementary medicine by combining low dose homeopathic remedies made form herbs, plants, flowers and minerals with tiny molecules of original substances resulting in a ‘gentle medicine’ that helps rebalance the body. These remedies can only be prescribed by qualified registered practitioners.
Research has proven that these homeopathic combinations are relevant to current health issues and scientific findings confirm the efficacy of these remedies. Bio-regulatory medicine can address both chronic and acute conditions.
In my practice I use mainly Heel and Guna medicines. Research at Guna in Milan during the 1980s and 1990s led to the advent of ‘physiological regulating medicine’ which is formulated to support regulation and restoration of the PNEI and restore balance in the immune system by stimulating the body’s own healing abilities.
Depending on the needs of the client I may also use nosodes, glandulars and interleukins in practice. As a naturopath I support all aspects of the body. Bio-regulatory medicine delivers a wholistic, synergistic therapy using 21st century medicine.
Homotoxicology is suitable for all medical conditions. I have a particular interest in detoxification, thyroid health, fertility and skin conditions. Medications for the latter include psoriatic disease, dermatitis (eczema) and vitiligo.
I may also apply bio-regulatory medicine to hormonal imbalances, insomnia, immune system imbalance, and, inflammatory conditions in both chronic and acute conditions.