Nutritional Therapy

Whole-body therapy

I was trained by Dr Lawrence Plaskett and graduated in 1994 with diplomas in Nutritional Medicine and Dietary Therapy. I initially worked in London but have been offering nutritional therapy in West Yorkshire from 2001. I’ve always offered a completely naturopathic, whole-body therapy in the field of nutrition and I have decades of experience in this whilst keeping up-to-date with modern nutritional research by attending lectures, seminars and webinars.

I have been supporting clients with Nutritional Medicine, also known as Nutritional Therapy, for almost thirty years. Nutrition is a most basic of needs, the quality of which is paramount to fuelling our energy and healing us. Deficiencies are commonplace in our modern world especially with regard to minerals, and these are often a factor in the development of chronic disease.

Toxicity from our environment, diet, lifestyle, dental and other toxins, heavy metals, environmental and household toxins, trauma and emotional experience, along with poor chewing, malabsorption, poor nutrient uptake, past and present poor diet and eating choices and habits, slow or fast transit of foods, epigenetics and the effect of gene variants such as MTHFR on the body, can all lead to imbalances in the body causing food and environmental allergies and sensitivities. Stress mismanagement, dehydration, sleep quality and many other factors are taken into account when assessing the diet and lifestyle of each client.

Laboratory testing
In my clinic I use an in-depth, medical history as well as iridology and other naturopathic techniques and my clinical experience to help direct my decisions. However, there are many laboratory tests available to me and I may utilise them if I feel they would be helpful to have further information regarding the client; the most commonly used ones being stool tests to assess the digestive system as well as hormone tests, organic acid testing and genetic testing.

The Consultation
Once booked I usually confirm the appointment with an e-mail and send a health questionnaire and food diary which should be completed and brought to the consultation. An initial consultation with me takes two hours. I always commence with an iridology assessment (if suitable) which helps me to gain an understanding of the individual and their likelihood of health issues which assists in pointing me in the direction of the required therapy program.

I look at possible deficiencies paying special attention to bulk and trace minerals, likely enzyme deficiencies especially in the digestive system, as well as vitamins, amino-acids and fatty acids. I follow up with a dietary therapy programme and may prescribe practitioner supplements. If required I may recommend laboratory tests, anti-homotoxic remedies or some of my adjunct therapies. I may also refer some clients to other therapists if appropriate.

I follow up the appointment with an individualised dietary program, usually within 48 hours. Further appointments are for 45-60 minutes depending on the time required.

Before booking an appointment with me I would always suggest you are prepared to spend more time planning meals, shopping and cooking. Nutritional medicine requires that you begin to appreciate the wonderful food our beautiful planet offers and that you give it the time and respect it deserves along with adequate chewing and time to digest. I would also expect daily hydration of good quality water to become a part of your lifestyle in order to support regular clearance of toxic waste.